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Our Company provides our clients with full-fledged solutions; therefore, we always guarantee you meet professionals in all aspects:

  • Professional preparation of all types of contracts for your business by a law firm, which guarantees their accuracy;
  • Our financial specialists will provide your purchase of new housing with the most advantageous form of financing;
  • Officially appointed experts will not only help you evaluate the property, but will also answer questions about its structural quality;
  • In case of interest, the construction inspection by construction technicians will draw your attention to any defects that a layman may not always detect.

A wide range of our services also comprises the activities of our brokers and specialists in other areas:

  • Mediation of purchase/sale/lease of apartments, lands, family houses, commercial and operational premises and other real estate;
  • Advice on real estate financing through mortgage loans and other alternative forms of financing − Cooperation with banks or financial intermediaries, who will provide you with more favourable conditions than regular clients are being offered;
  • Complete legal services − Starting from inspections of the current condition of the property (for example, the existence of burdens or seizure that could endanger your money or property) to the actual elaboration of the purchase or lease agreements, or consultation regarding the planned business;
  • Consulting in the field of mediation of purchase, sale, and rental of real estate − Not everyone is an expert in selling an apartment or renting a house in the best possible way. Get advice from experts, not advice from neighbours, who may even harm you.
  • Representation in the proceedings before the cadastral office − Do not wait in endless rows at the offices; thanks to our several-year relations, we will handle many formalities for you faster;
  • Elaboration of expert opinions − A good expert is not the one who evaluates the property for the amount you want. A good expert is the one, whose opinion is easily accepted by every bank without reservations, and who will alert you to the shortcomings of the apartment or house you are about to buy.
  • Inclusion of your property in our Internet offer and presentation in a wide range of media − Our team will take care of the most effective advertising; they are regularly trained on how to present and sell real estate as efficiently as possible. We will also publish your property on, which belongs to the network of international portals.
  • Real estate photos − Do you know how to take proper pictures of your apartment so that it looks lighter or bigger? Our brokers will advise you or document the entire property for you.
  • Free inclusion in the database for searching your desired property − If every-day looking for an advertisement for an apartment in a specific location or a house with clearly given parameters bothers you, leave it to us. Our sophisticated property management system will find a property that may be interesting for you much faster, straight from multiple sources.
  • Free inspections of real estate − Regardless of whether selling, renting or buying, we will inspect the property free of charge and consult the recommended steps with you.
  • Discreet assistance in solving debts and problem situations in connection with your real estate − It is not a shame to find yourself in problems; we are here to help you out of any unpleasant situations in today's difficult times. We will either mediate a quick sale of your property discreetly and conveniently, or we will help you solve your seizure on the apartment or other debts.


Consent to the processing of personal data

The person concerned in conformity with the relevant obligations of the Act No. 18/2018 Z.z. on the protection of personal data as amended (hereinafter „ZoOOÚ“) ensures that the personal data filled in the contact form are accurate and up-to-date. The person concerned hereby authorises the Provider with his own free, explicit and unconditional consent to process his/her personal data to the extent of name, surname, phone number, e-mail address as means to contact the person concerned as a candidate for cooperation, in the „clients“ information system of the provider within the period of 180 days since the authorisation. The person concerned has the right to withdraw his/her consent with personal data processing in the same manner as the consent was given. Consent withdrawal has no impact on the the lawful processing of personal data based on the consent given before its withdrawal. The rights of the person concerned are set in particular by §§ 19 – 30 ZoOOÚ. The rights and obligations of the broker as a provider are in particular set by §§ 31 – 46 ZoOOÚ. The person concerned confirms that the broker has fulfilled its reporting obligations in accordance with ZoOOÚ. The person concerned takes note that his personal data is processed in accordance with ZoOOÚ due to appropriate technological, organizational and personal regulations in particular concerning applicable technological specifications, confidentiality and importance of personal data as well as the possible risks liable to distort safety or functionality of the information systems. The provider is obliged to process and handle personal data of the person concerned in accordance with the legislation in force.